The Lack of Culture of Cycling Is Very Evident When We See People Riding by Bicycle Paths And Lanes And Aot Only Those That Do Not Are Pedaling

The lack of culture of cycling is very evident when we see people riding by bicycle paths and lanes and not only those that do not are pedaling, but those who insist on practicing any activity in these places.

The bike has never been so high as now. People excited and giving life the old bikes that were forgotten for years and rusting in a corner of the House. Those who rush to the shops and try to buy a brand new bike and runs to the lanes and bicycle paths to break them.

I’m one of these spaces and be cycling instructor and have a bicycle school, I can’t help but have a critical eye with respect to how people use these spaces.

Here in Sao Paulo the most lanes still has as main objective the leisure. But this means that for any kind of recreation, such as walking, jogging, skating, skateboarding, as well as taking children who still have very little or almost no ability to ride, many of them still use bicycles with training wheels. The issue of security of the own child parents should be more careful and take them to other safer places.

These days I witnessed a kid out of the bikelane straight through the barrier of cones and go towards the track where cars passed at a high speed. The more attentive and fast would my front could hold the child and kept the same pass in front of a car. The father when he realized the incident caught the attention of the child, as if the same were aware of what was going on.

I who witnessed the scene, saw the child couldn’t keep the bike straight, zig-zag pedaled and luckily the worst didn’t happen.

The use of the internal cycle of parks is even worse. There is no respect for proper use, simply because people don’t have information, not seek to know and know each other do not respect the rules.

At the end of a day’s work out the bicycle path a park skater hurt me severely. He was skateboarding maneuvers when it came out under his feet and hit me right in the right leg. Did a huge RIP, were 3 days without work and today I keep a scar of remembrance. In a similar situation with my own, weeks later, the victim did not have the same luck as me, just with the fractured leg.

People who don’t know cycling or cycling with great difficulty venture by lanes, in addition to put themselves at risk, put other people too. People who are not accustomed to riding frequently ignore simple questions, such as, for example, forget that behind the same there’s a huge swath of other cyclists, resolve to stop the bike without signaling the intention, just stop or put the bicycle in position that stops the passage of other cyclists, causing crashes and other stresses. Families with 3 or 4 of amis people stopping to take a picture, eat lunch and take some liquid interrupting the passage of other cyclists. Everything happens in the middle of the flow of the bikelane which only has room for two cyclists in parallel. Ignore the rest of the other users.

There is also the cyclists who make your training place lanes. These for your time also believe that space is exclusively for this purpose and for your personal use. Many act aggressively intimidating others that there are, some put themselves and others at great risk.

It is common to see, skateboarders, bicyclists and runners who take their dogs to run together, all in bikelane.

The vast majority of people are without protective equipment such as a helmet.

In the internal cycle of disrespect and ignorance are absurd, to see if everything except education and common sense.

In bike lanes of the streets is common failure of cars that park or invade the bike lane during rush hour to win 5 more seconds in traffic.

The bike path from Marginal Pinheiros in Sao Paulo the fight is between cyclists who use it for training and cyclists who use it for leisure. Everyone wants to impose the pace at your pleasure, and all put themselves at risk unnecessarily.

My biggest concern is with children still ride with wheel bike and with children and adults who do not have ability to ride safely, those who have difficulty riding straight, take your hand off the handlebar, make closed curve, they don’t know how to brake correctly. These people should ride in safer places to develop better such skills.

On the website of the Bikelane of São Paulo, for the list of rules using the same.


1-comply with the determinations of the monitors on duty;

2-Observe communications and constant alerts of indicative signs and vertical, horizontal and semafóricas signs installed along the route of the Bikelane;

3-to fulfill and to ensure that they are observed fully the rules of this regulation and of the Brazilian Traffic code;

4-report any irregularity observed the Bikelane monitors immediately on site, or by one of the service channels;

5-Preserve the vegetation along the route;

6-maintain cleanliness and conservation, depositing trash and debris always collects specific containers;

Not allowed:

1-Use the Bikelane for recreation on foot, except parents or guardians who are accompanying cyclists under the age of 12 years;

This responsible and the child pedestrian must remain next to the guide of the Bikelane for leisure, being the responsible behind the lower positioned and preferably on the sidewalk or in the central construction site, with reference to the direction of movement.

2-Use motorcycles or equivalent combustion propelled;

3-Using animal traction vehicles;

4-Use the Bikelane for the practice of sports activities that are not exclusively for the purpose of leisure;

5-Put at risk the safety of others with speeding, dangerous driving and aggressive, counter-flow circulation, driving off the back or passenger seat especially he intended, children outside of the specific chairs with seat belts, cargo incompatible with their specifications etc.;

6-Overcoming the Bikelane leisure areas, circulating outside the demarcation of cones;

7-Exceed the speed of 20 km/h;

8-enter or leave the Bikelane off the tracks and crossing of ordinances available in parks in leisure Bikelane;

9-Stop to rest in parks outside the areas intended for this purpose, causing obstruction to the traffic of bicycles;

10-Transport volumes with incompatible dimensions to the practice of cycling or cause risk or inconvenience to other users;

11-fly kites and using sharp lines in any location;

12-Vandalize, damage, soiling, writing, graffiti and draw on the walls, walls and equipment, as well as subtract or damaging assets, such as cones and sawhorses, flags and others used for demarcation of the route;

13-Enter and circulate with animals except when in specific brackets attached to bike;

14-conduct promotional events;

15-Use or associate names or marks on the Bikelane for commercial purposes, except those of the sponsor;

16-Sell or distribute goods or printed, including ramps and surrounding the Bikelane for leisure;

17-Present shows and concerts of all kinds;

18-Perform exhibitions, exhibitions of eminently commercial products and services or promotional, with or without distribution of printed, which set up, anyway, the release, dissemination, or support of a particular advertisement;

19-filming or photographing with advertising or commercial purposes, except in cases provided for by law and duly authorized by the SMT/CET/SEME;

20-pick or damage flowers, fruits, seedlings and plants;

Source: City of Sao Paulo

The Government is investing in the provision of more bike paths and lanes, it’s up to us citizens to good use of these resources. The etiquette education, demand respect and citizenship. Find out how to use these places and enjoy!