The Way Healthier, Greener And More Beautiful Is to Transport Your Bike.

The way healthier, greener and more beautiful is to transport your bike. There are many reasons why you may be inspired to change the mode of getting around. Knowing the habit of other countries can be a way! Wouldn’t be a bad idea to let the car in the garage at least once a week. How about using the skinny on the day of your caster car?

Here’s our list of the 10 countries most friends of the bike in descending order.

10-India: Bicycles are still an important means of transportation necessary throughout India. They also allow the tourist to feel the essence of Indian tradition. Almost all parts of the country offer great tracks. Is an excellent destination for the touring cyclists.

9-Norway: Europe is a great place for the cyclist. The Norway is the first of the list within the continent. Of course, Norway can be cold in most months, but Norwegian cities have a great infrastructure for cycling. Check out especially the cities Sandnes and Trondheim.

8-Colombia: The Colombia comes leading the way among Latin American countries in your urban infrastructure for bicycles, particularly in Bogotá. There are regular events where the main roads are closed to cars and open only for bicycles.

7. Germany: Berlin currently has experienced the boom of bicycle and is definitely one of the opinion-forming cities for urban cycling. But it is very easy to navigate the rest of the country on two wheels.

6. Australia: it’s very easy to move from cycling in all major cities of Australia, Perth in Western Australia but is the Crown Jewel of a bike with more than 700 km of cycle tracks.

5. Denmark: Only in Copenhagen, it is estimated that about one-third of workers use bicycle as the main means of locomotion. Is much more difficult to use the car than any other way of transport. Is a genuine city facing the bike and the rider.

4. France: the biggest France credentials related to the use of the bike are the Tour de France and the Vélib, greater public bike rental program in the world. But don’t think that your bike will be relegated only to beautiful Paris, in France there are plenty of tours by fields and mountains in the region.

3. China:in fact, the streets of Beijing are a bit saturated with cyclists and may not be a picturesque image of the healthy urban cycling scene, but China probably has more bikes in operation than any other place in the world. Has a very good infrastructure to meet and support this immense volume of cyclists.

2. Spain: Barcelona Bicing Program that encourages the use the bike’s, quickly becoming known worldwide for your success. At the end of may they promote bike week where all you’ve been through the streets with their speed. The Bicing aims to encourage people and show your dedication to bicycling, health and environment.

1. Holland: You certainly already knew beforehand that the Netherlands would be at the top of this list. The bike is, literally, the only means of transportation in many parts of Amsterdam. Arguably is the bicycle capital of the world.