Warriors – Rueben Mystic

Reuben Warrior, 18, was today the best element of the National Selection/Liberty Seguros in La Côte Picarde, Nations Cup under-23, played in France with victory of Italian Simone Consonni.

Portugal entered the 180.7 kilometers race, between Crotoy and Mers-les-Bains with intention to compete for the top positions, betting on Reuben Warrior, in case the race from in the final circuit climbs, and Rui Oliveira and Cesar Martingil, in the event of arrival at sprint.

“The Reuben Warrior attacked on climbs, but was always marked by runners from Australia, interested in working for a discussion to sprint, which never let him isolate themselves,” national selector, José Dust.

Already without Caesar Martingil in front, due to a hole in the input circuit, hope lusa resided in Rui Oliveira. “Despite still being under-23 first years, Rui showed very well. Went with the best rises and entered in the sprint in clear position to finish in the top ten. Only a fall forced him to lock up and around the fallen runners, getting barred from fighting for the top spots, “laments Jose Dust.

The rugged sprint ended with triumph of Simone Consonni, after 4:28:35. The podium was completed, in this order, with the Briton Owain Doull’s essentials and the Norwegian Daniel Go. Reuben Warrior, 18, Rui Oliveira, 22, Luis Garcia, 34, and Rui Carvalho, 45, cut the goal with the same time of the winner. João Rodrigues was 97, and Caesar 4m38s Martingil ended the Portuguese representation in 119 post, 10m34s.

Portugal failed, so the direct clearance – needed to place a rider in the top 15-for the Road World Championship in the category of under-23 finals in Richmond, in the United States of America, in September. Must be among the First Nations of the 27 European ranking under-23. In the last update of the rankings, Portugal occupied the seventh place. The first 15 European countries can compete with five cyclists in the world.