What a Trip – Maximilian Semschs Film and New Project

I have the movie about Maximilian Salman, which alone drove to bicycle from Munich to Singapore, already here in the blog presented. On its seven-month journey through 10 countries, he travelled 13,500 km. In doing so he traveled without a camera team and produced all recordings themselves. Not for nothing he won so 2010 also the Bavarian youth film award among others.

Meanwhile Maximilian adventure film is “what a trip – 15 km/h until the end of the world” available on DVD and from November 1 to December 15 for free on his site available!

Maximilian new projet: with the E-Bike around Australia

The 28 year-old Munich will start in January 2012 to an incredible tour. In Australia, he wants to set aside 18,000 kilometers in six months and make a film about it.

What a trip – Around OZ: the E-bike around Australia

The Maximilian new adventure kicks on 01 January 2012 before the famous Opera House in Sydney, Australia. His ambitious goal: on the National Highway 1 around the continent – and that in six months! The fifth continent on the other end of the world is known for its rough nature, extreme climatic conditions and its endless, empty vastness. The National Highway 1 leads around Australia, through three time and multiple climates and is the longest national highway in the world. Over at Melbourne Perth, following Maximilian the highway along the beautiful Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, through lonely deserts after further Darwin, the northernmost point of the journey. Then continue Gold Coast through the national parks of Northern Territory to Queensland, along the East Coast to Brisbane and finally along the back to Sydney. The approximately 18,000 km-long itinerary both climatic and social challenges and impresses at the same time with natural attractions such as the great barrier reef, Kakadu National Park and the Whitsunday Islands. The route is an adventure – with the car and promises a major challenge under extreme situations with the E-bike to be.

A new companion: the E-bike

The electric bike called also E-bike is a bicycle with built-in electric motor. The battery of the motor is removable and always rechargeable. Pedelec is considered to be an E-bike, whose motor support can be obtained only by stepping down. And with just one wheel, Maximilian makes his way: with the professional touring bike “shark bike eQ trekking”, equipped with a Bosch eBike system and the innovative NuVinci N360 hub, the first and only continuous switchable hub. Safe and waterproof baggage Semsch relies on VAUDE bike bags. Because there are often no sockets in the outback, to recharge the battery, efficient, environmentally friendly solar cells belong to the travel equipment. Maximilian Semsch about carefully choosing of its partners:

During my trip, my equipment and I are exposed extreme situations. Since I can rely absolutely on wheel, equipment and technology. Shark bike, Bosch and VAUDE are German companies that are active in terms of research but also values such as quality, sustainability, precision and tradition live – and set new standards. Also a reliable gear is crucial – because I’m building on the stepless NuVinci hub gear.

With this choice is Semsch fully in trend: in the last two to three years the image of E-bikes has fundamentally changed – away the ‘OMA-rad”, to the sporty, everyday all purpose bike that appeals to younger generations. And this trend there is no end in sight, the adventurer:

I’m sure that the E-bike in the near future will play an increasingly important role. My journey is not only the longest E-bike trip ever undertaken, but also as the first real test ride in extreme conditions.

In addition to counteract the prejudice, E-bike ride have little to do with sports, prefers, during and after travel, sports medicine tests himself Maximilian, to show how his body is changing during the six months.

The team

He survived alone on his first trip, Maximilian of this time has support: in addition to his companion Marion livid, which is responsible for the Organization, a professional cameraman will accompany him, which is cinematically hold also this trip. Also Maximilian has a second E-bike with. To learn more about country and people, he invites on the road again rider, a piece to accompany him. He pleased on the Exchange with them and to bring them the adventure E-bike. This “tour” will be the longest conducted E-bike trip. Maximilian will report on the transportation by electric mobility and his experiences down under in detail: under our site, he presents the highlights of his trip in a video diary once per week. Beginning of 2013 is certainly impressive travel documentation “what a trip – Around Oz” come on the market in the form of a DVD and Blue Ray.