When I Was Invited by Yogi February for A Cicloviagem of Cachoeira Paulista to Paraty Honestly Didn’t Have Much Idea of What it Would be Like The Trip And Even The Places Where I’m Staying.

When I was invited by Yogi February for a cicloviagem of Cachoeira Paulista to Paraty honestly didn’t have much idea of what it would be like the trip and even the places where I’m staying.

Two strong names caught my attention and made me decide to join the trip, first was the Serra da Bocaina, I always heard this serra and the splendor of your landscape and the second was Paraty, a city that still didn’t know.

After a week organizing a small suitcase only 3 pounds, had a pleasant surprise with the support of friends Prof. Arnaldo Adilson in our pedal. In addition to facing the challenge with us also invited 6 friends to make the route of Cachoeira Paulista to sands.

In the initial 10 cyclists were at 75 km. The joy was contagious, friendly people and very kind.

During the trip the thoughts traveled with the landscape, with the choppy with the noise of silence gears of the bike, with singing of birds and some mooing of cattle.The whole time I thought how a small action could trigger a big event, a great achievement.

From an idea, a desire of February, there I was, in the middle of a distant road, with a group of 9 people. All pedaling too, doing your best to get to the initial objective, the village of sand.

After this city follow me, Adilson, Prof. Arnaldo and Zé February heading to Paraty. Passing by the cities of São José do Barreiro, Serra da Bocaina, wedge and Wedge fields.

The four of us with the same goal and the same willingness in giving your best to achieve the goal of riding the 260 km between paved roads and dirt tracks, under plenty of sunshine, rain, cold and heat.

The little Joe action February mobilized people in a domino effect. In each city that we arrived there were people from hostels in waiting and eager to know how had been the route up to that point. All received us very well, with smile on her face, with a lot of curiosity, with food, clean bed and hot shower.

It all happened under the climate of friendship, joy, solidarity, collaboration and cooperation.

This trip was another milestone in my life in the practice of sport that hugged, it was also a great lesson in life.

Proved that for less than we want any action that we do, no matter how small, will reflect on people and the environment to your surroundings.

Proved that the forward, that actions of friendship, affection, attention and especially kindness, just multiply these feelings and reverberates in the universe as a whole.

Proved that where there are sincere friendship and real there is no intolerance, there is individualism and yes a lot of compassion and respect for each other.

Proved that the practice of sport is uplifting and very satisfying.