When The Rider Carries a Application That Puts The Traffic Lights in Green to The Y in Red for The Car

The movement of bicycles in the urban environment is more or less integrated according to cities and the fact that they believe rails or rental services are established, but technology can also contribute to the integration and security. In order to encourage to resort more to bicycle, Siemens has launched Sitraffic SiBike, an app that * gives priority to the riders doing that traffic lights put in green *.

The idea is that cycling has advantages to car, mode that can reduce traffic and pollution to the extent possible. Thus, the timing of the traffic lights would be favorable to those who choose this medium doing mobile make the times those buttons so that the traffic light turns green, but applied for vehicles and without touching anything.

That the bikes have the power

To make this system work It is necessary that traffic management systems are integrated and are programmed with the app, and it is something which at the moment is being done in Marburg, Germany. This country, in fact, already started to build highways for bikes last year, following the footsteps of Denmark, also looking for the environment and trying to reduce emissions.

According to Ebicyclelights, once the rider pass by some of the points of activation, the app informs traffic control center and sends a command to the next traffic light.

How does it work? It’s pretty straightforward face to the user to be completely passive. The app logically requires a permit for GPS, since it will be essential for the system to determine the location of the cyclist. In this way, once passing through one of the trigger points, the app informs traffic control center and sends a command to the next traffic light, so that When the rider is in green.

Explains Siemens on the website referred to the app that the purpose is to provide riders what they call a “green wave” (green wave), or what is the same, pillar pull all the traffic lights in green going at a constant speed. This can be something quite utopian cities or busy areas, hence that the idea is that this “green wave” or at least one majority of the traffic lights in green is a claim to park the car and choose to bicycle.

At the moment, as we said, is underway in that German city. We will see what such is the experiment if he is able to reduce the density of traffic and therefore emissions, and above all somehow avoids that other vehicles can “cheat”. Have not detailed by now for what platforms will be available, the price or date of commissioning further than programs pilots.