Wtorre’s In No Hurry To Build Walkways In The Pinheiros River Bike Trail

Road of the enterprise in return for av. Juscelino kubtschek, which includes the shopping jk iguatemi, wtorre contractor undertook to build a stretch of pine river bike trail (between stations hebrew/rebouças and jaguare/villa-lobos) and catwalk 2 1 access (people’s park and parque villa-lobos).

The work of the bike lane is ready and delivered. How to access, there is no prediction. The new stretch of bike lane will remain a dead end indefinitely, making it to who would use to move more quickly and safely.

Erratum: unlike what we reported initially, only the people’s park walkway is wtorre’s responsibility (that of villa-lobos has been replaced by the construction of the section of the bike path, which was not on the original obligation – see here).

On the end-villa lobos jaguare, the bike path really will be a dead end for a long time, because no one has agreed to build an access there so far. There is no prediction, design, anything. Only demand.

The city of sao paulo leave under the responsibility of the state government the creation and maintenance of the pinheiros river bike trail, to be in the area. The state department of transportation passes the ball to cptm, which in your time outsource part of the work to a private company that should a counterpart to the municipality. And, with all this dribble, the citizen is made of “silly”, without knowing who you’re the ball.

No use charge the pinheiros river bike path access of – prefecture that could very well do your part by adapting the bridges along the way, linking the bike path to the city road and legitimizing it as a shipping option. In fact, since before the inauguration the go bike insists this solution (among other suggestions). The city disclaims that responsibility, but surely computes this mileage on the inflated number of kilometers of bicycle paths in the city.

Alesp and now, the cptm leaves the circuit, leaving the responsibility of these two approaches to the contractor, as a counterpart to the polo wtorre traffic generator created in the region. Creates an unusual situation, where the citizen must charge a private company, which has other objectives than meet the population, by the construction of a road infrastructure which will make safer the offsets of who uses the bike. Essentially, a structure that can save lives.

The company demonstrates lack of sensitivity about the importance of the issue, considering the bike just instrument of leisure, to open a bike lane where there is no escape. Imagine open 2 dead-end avenue at the end of it. Would place?

We can do is monitor the progress of the dispute between the public prosecutor’s office, which does not allow the opening of the mall without meeting the terms (and other standard procedures, as final inspection of the fire department), and trying to get authorization crosshairs to place your enterprise to work without the delivery of agreed works, “upon bond or bank guarantee”.

Meanwhile, the businessman walter torre says that your mall will not bring impact no to traffic in the region – even attracting 20000 people per day. Torre also believes that the vacancies will venture 6400 “relieve traffic in the neighborhood”. “deserve a statue in” avenue, said torre, in an interview with the associated press. We have a new borba gato?

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