Estradão, Kills And Heat: See Tips From The Ultramarathon Of The Xterra Manaus

Among the different events and categories, the biggest challenge of the 2014 edition of XTerra in Manaus is the 50 km ultra marathon: The North Face Endurance. The event will take place on July 19 and will feature Instruction Base 4 (BI-4) of the Forest Warfare Training Center (CIGS). To prepare the athletes, the course director of the race, Marcelo Batista, gives tips and reveals details of the course through the woods.

– The differential of this circuit is that it is a 100% circuit in the woods. It’s very single track and road, very hot – no matter how rainy. It is a hot and humid circuit, so you have to work hard with hydration. And if it rains, it slips a lot. Not the single track track, these narrower, but on the road … it gets very smooth. We already have experience with this, even people who pedal, or motorcycle, can not walk right there, warns the director about the area of ​​the race.

According to Marcelo, the biggest challenge of all XTerra begins in a stretch of many single-tracks and soon to 2km the athletes already face an igarapé. Up to 8km there is a downward trend and soon afterwards everyone enters an open dirt road with a lot of climbs and descents. At km 25, midway, the athletes find a hydration point and then leave for a stretch of road.

– In the 25 km we will have a whole hydration and medical support structure. There it is as if it were the return of proof. Then there is a more rugged part, with a lot of vegetation cover, and a little easier, because the trend is already descending. Then there are some single tracks, stretches a bit narrower at km 34. That goes up to about km 38, and that’s not a technical area, but it’s pretty cool. After that it’s easier. You go back to the road, up and down, up and down. It’s a most enjoyable return of proof, and for those who are starting it’s a bit safer – complete.

An ultramarathon in the Amazon jungle basically proposes a difficult test in a very humid environment. Challenge for those who have a lot of physical and mental stamina to withstand hours of hard running.