Includes Swimming in Training Cycling

Include the swimming training cycling is an excellent alternative to exercise the muscles that were not worked on the bike. And as well as cycling, swimming also helps to burn calories promoting weight loss.

Includes Swimming in Training Cycling 1


You can then practice swimming as a way of working the upper body that are little used at the ride. For swimming, exercises the muscles that have not been employed in the practice of cycling, working the entire body.

According to the experts, exercising in water also helps to relax the muscles, especially of the legs that received so much impact on the ride. If you are starting the workouts in these two modes, look for a professional to guide you to achieve your goal. Remember, always start with stretching and whatever your order, do not forget that the key is the quality of life and health.

Includes Swimming in Training Cycling 2

In the pool, use the creativity to improvise various moves. If you have some accessory as a surfboard or fin, it is possible to exercise the legs. If you train two days a week, try to vary on a day you train legs, the other day, arm. If you practice cycling, and in a day exercised more legs, you can merge training arm the other day, so as not to overload any part of the body.

The benefits of swimming are many! Increases the ability to pump blood through the body, stimulating the blood circulation, improves breathing, expanding the capacity of absorption of oxygen. In addition, it is anti-stress, increases self-esteem, controls weight, improves strength, muscle tone and much more.

All of these tips allow you to start a workout alone or at the gym. But it is fundamental to count with the help of the teacher to give you an opinion, correct and receive knowledge. Remembering that the best exercise is the one that gives you pleasure! Therefore, always look for alternatives that you enjoy and feel the benefits in your health!

Includes Swimming in Training Cycling 3