Man Pedals Thousands Of Miles Eating Food From The Trash To Protest Against Waste

One of the things that attracted the attention of the foreigners who came to Brazil for the World Cup was the abundance at the Brazilian table. But at the same time that food arrives easy at the table of some, it lacks in that of other people. But beyond inequality, we must discuss the already known waste.

Just stop and think: how many tons of food are thrown into the trash daily by restaurants, bakeries and even in your home? After looking closely at poverty in countries such as Colombia, Tahiti and Southeast Asian countries, environmentalist and sustainable development master Baptiste Dubanchet wanted to alert society. To do so, he decided to pedal nearly 5,000 kilometers, from Paris to Warsaw, feeding only on products that were discarded, in an action entitled La Faim du Monde (“The Hunger of the World”).

Frenchman born in Tours in the central part of France, the environmentalist pedaled about 60 km per day and, with each city he arrived, sought shelter through the website CouchSurfing and went out in search of food in restaurants and bakeries in the region. He paid nothing for what he consumed and, wherever possible, ingested raw food, minimizing carbon emissions.

According to Baptiste, the most difficult place to get food was in the Czech Republic.According to him, the consumption of discarded food is closely linked to street dwellers, so explaining to shop owners about the project was often a futile attempt. The environmentalist had to go through 50 locations until he got some old bread in a bakery.