Riders Of The Brazilian BMX Team Have Embarked On This Thursday (10) To Switzerland

Athletes Face Ten Days Of Training At The World Cycling Center (CMC) Finalizing Preparation For The World Cup In The Netherlands

Six Brazilian BMX athletes, called to compete for the World Championship at the end of the month, embarked on Thursday (10), to the city of Aigle, Switzerland, where they face ten days of training at the World Cycling Center of the UCI, closing The preparation for the World Cup in Holland.

The technical committee convened the athletes Renato Rezende, Rogerio Reis, Miguel Dixini, Priscilla Carnaval, Julia Alves and Anderson Ezequiel. The delegation includes technicians Guilherme Pussieldi and Daniel Jorge, physiotherapist Anderson Sodeyama and mechanic José Carlos Neres.

The riders will be training in Switzerland between July 11 and July 20 and then embark on their way to the Netherlands to play in the World Cup from 23 to 27 July. Thinking of a better acclimatization of the riders, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, which currently has two Exchange Projects and Trainings being carried out between the drivers in Chula Vista (USA) and Aigle (Switzerland), made a point of sending the selection in advance to Europe , Where the athletes will have the opportunity to finish the preparation with all the necessary structure.

“This training period will contribute a lot to the final phase of preparing our athletes for the World Cup. They will have the opportunity to do acclimatization in advance and still finalize the preparation on the Supercross track of the World Cycling Center, which has excellent quality,”said Francisco Florencio, director of the High Performance Department of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC).