Tombos, Brazilian Muse And Little Dolphins: 10 Curiosities Of The Bmx World Championship

Competition That Begins This Thursday Has Serious Dispute Between Children From 5 Years, Promise Of Spectacular Falls And The Beautiful Priscilla Carnival In Action

The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, will host the BMX World Cycling Championship, which begins on Thursday and brings together the best in the world at all ages. The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) announced a team composed of six athletes: Renato Rezende, Miguel Dixini, Rogerio Reis and Priscilla Carnival in the adult; And Anderson Ezequiel and Júlia Alves in the youth. The country will still be represented by other pilots, who have traveled independently of the entity.

Children’s Athletes

The first day of competitions has the tests for athletes from 5 to 11 years and from 11 to 16. In the sixth, there will be the disputes of the categories with different wheel sizes. On Saturday and Sunday, the qualifiers and finals of the elite category will be held, the same one played in the Olympics.

Still little known to Brazilians, the sport has its curiosities. Check it.

The organizers have taken seriously the fact that an athlete needs to learn to compete early on. The World BMX cycling reserves disputes for athletes between 5 and 6 years.And it’s not a “coffee with milk” competition, just for demonstration. It is worth a world title and it is a very popular competition. In the male, there are 39 athletes in the age group, among them the Brazilian Eduardo Pussieldi. In the female, there will be 28 children, without the presence of athletes from Brazil.

“Rise, Know The Dust And Turn Up”

The famous music of Paulo Vanzolini may be one of the hits of BMX Cycling. That’s because there is no great athlete who has not taken a career break. Almost half of the races end with at least one accident. In the London Olympics, for example, four riders crashed before the finish line. In the qualifiers of the Olympic Games, the two Brazilians who were in the race fell and could not even complete the circuit. Renato Rezende fractured his arm, and Squel Stein hit his head and was rushed to the hospital.

“I wanted to continue, but the doctors did not.” My shoulder was out of place, but I wanted to follow-said Renato.

Sometimes the eight athletes are involved in the crash, and the fight to find their bike and follow the race is huge.

The Musa Brasileira

The only Brazilian in the adult category is Priscilla Carnaval, 20th place in the world ranking. She has already shown the beauty off the tracks and within them has achieved important results, such as the bronze medal at the Pan American Championship last April.

The goal of the 21-year-old is to get a place among the top eight, play the final and surpass the best result in the country’s history in the competition, which is the seventh place of Squel Stein in 2012.

Neighborhoods Champions

If Brazil still has not achieved great results in world scopes, Colombia has simply the current Olympic champion. Mariana Pajón won the gold medal at the London Olympics, was world champion in 2011 and appears as one of the favorites on the podium in the Dutch competition. In the men’s, Carlos Oquendo also rose to the podium in the Olympic Games, with bronze.

However, it is important to remember that, currently, Brazil’s men’s national team is ranked eighth in the world ranking, a position ahead of Colombians. In the feminine, our neighbors are in fifth, and the Brazilian ones, in sixth.

Pilot, Not Cyclist

When we refer to the BMX cycling athlete, we mean a rider, not a rider. Unlike the velodrome and road competitors, BMX practitioners are called a rider because, during the course, they need to pay close attention to the track and every turn. Therefore, Renato Rezende and Priscilla Carnaval are the best pilots in Brazil today.

Low-Middle Average

The main athletes in the world are young, with a much lower average age than the winners in the other categories of cycling-Mountain Bike, Velodrome and Road. Among the top ten in the world ranking, only one rider-the British Liam Philipps-is over 23 years old. Among women, the top 15 in the world ranking are under 25 years old.

In Brazil, it is no different. Renato Rezende, tenth in the ranking, is 23 years old. Rogério Reis is 22, and Miguel Vilela, 20. Among women, Priscilla Carnaval was born in 1993.

Sport Exchange

There are two theories for the emergence of BMX cycling. The first and most accepted by the experts and fans of the sport is that in the late 1960s in California, people who liked bike more than motorcycle was in the wave of the invention of Motocross and created bicicross. However, Europeans say that in 1957, the first competition in the history of the sport was held in the Netherlands.

The Olympic Cup

The sport entered for the first time in the program of the Olympic Games in 2008, in an initiative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to try to approach the event of the youngest. The sport is the only one that is also part of X-Games, the largest extreme sports event in the world.

Is Formula 1?

Before the qualifying competition, in which the drivers are divided into seven or eight athletes, there is a race against the clock, a kind of qualifying practice. Each rider takes a turn in the circuit and has his timed time. The fastest players have the right to take the best streak in qualifying.

“Grandfather” Gala Wants To Recover The Post

Largest athlete in the history of the sport, Latvian Maris Strombergs was runner-up last year, dropped to 12th place in the ranking and, at age 27, wants to take back the throne he has played in recent years. Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, Strombergs is the oldest among the candidates for the podium.

Born in Valmiera, Latvia, the pilot is a marketing success and has a number of official products linked to his name. Athlete fans can buy men’s and women’s shirts on the official website.

It was considered, in 2011, the second sexiest man in Latvia. At 1.86m tall and 90kg, it attracts female audiences to the main competitions in the world.