What Is the Bike Fit and What Is It for

For you who always asked, what is bike fit, what it is bike fit. Today we’re going to get all your questions answered.

What Is the Bike Fit and What Is It for

A large part of the problems between cyclists consists of pain localized. These pains are typically located usually in the hands, lumbar spine, wrists among other places.

Most of these annoyances could be avoided if your bike was set up for a better comfort after being an observer of the characteristics of the body of the person.

This is called Bike Fit.

Completely unknown to some, and a huge priority for others, the Bike Fit consists of the perfect bike fit to the body of the cyclist. Is the synchronization of the rider and bicycle to achieve the driving position more comfortable, efficient, safe and powerful as possible.

In summary: this is where the cyclist and his bike begin to act as a single piece, working in maximum comfort. Bike Fit is basically to set up the measures of all sides to meet the dimensions of the body of the cyclist.

What is bike fit

The problem is that in most cases, the cyclist tends to do the reverse, that is, it tries to configure his body to the bike. We are all different from each other and that is a fact.

Sex, body type, injuries, age, flexibility, skeletal structure, some have short arms, others have the long arms, our legs have different levels of size, flexibility and curvature, as well as our torsos envergam in different angles.

Noting that should be viewed and respected the goal of the cyclist

Looking from this angle, the various measures of the bike should be well adjusted to the athlete and all of this change goes from the saddle height, size and curvature of the handlebars, length of the frame, and its distance from the saddle, among many other modifications.

Every move is individual, and obvious respect of all the characteristics of each one.

It is worth remembering that the Bike Fit is not just only to improve the characteristics around the comfort and elimination of pain.

It is essential to improve and maximize the performance of the cyclist, helping in its aerodynamics, and causes the cyclist to use the bicycle of the possible optimized form more.

A bike badly configured, for example, can prevent the athlete stop using all of your power in the pedal stroke hurting their time and resourcefulness along the way.

So, the Bike Fit is not just a technique or a simple change in bike and yes a profession regulated by the Professional Councils of the health area, where the so-called Fitter (a professional Bike Fit), has studied and has courses, in addition to knowledge and training sufficient to take care of the health of the athlete, in respect to its correct positioning on the bike, and for that we need to understand also the mechanics of the bike.

Bike Fitter, it’s worth it?

Yes. As already mentioned, the Bike Fitter is a health professional with knowledge and professionalism to best suit the rider. It can also respond to him better than any one what is bike fit.

In Brazil, this science was little by little being inserted so slow and suspicious, at the beginning seen as important only for athletes competitors in the search results and shortest time.

It is worth mentioning that at that time there was a smaller number of brands and models and geometries were not the large variety that exists today.

The bikes were very similar.

Studies for the development of the paintings were very limited, and the adjustments were empirical, based on the height of the cyclist and the length between the legs.

In recent years, numerous professionals in areas such as physiotherapy, medicine, physical education and even nurses are qualified to offer these studies to those looking for quality and efficiency in pedaling.

On the internet, in search engines you will find several experts in your town. As any professional in This service has a cost relatively expensive, however you will be protected in the hand of a professional.

What Is the Bike Fit and What Is It for 3

How long does it take?

To the contrary what many think a section with a bike fitter lasts for about 2 hours or more and every detail is seen, recorded, and changed. Frequently asked questions in the life of a Fitter is “this bike is what really should I use or is it wrong?” or the cyclist shows the bike question: “which board and components should I buy?”.

Does not make sense to invest too much money in bikes aerodynamic, brands warm, and save some hundreds of dollars does not make your Bike Fit with a trained professional, they also will indicate the best Bike to be invested.

So, Bicycles and cycling equipment good quality show high and low values on the market, so it’s not worth to count on the luck, and with the empirical knowledge of the subject, in addition to, by the false thought of being saving (that old adage of sometimes the cheap comes out more expensive), end up spending much more to repair the mistake of having bought a bike unsuitable for your anthropometry.

We have already talked also here about the optimal position for pedaling.

Can’t find a professional near/I don’t have money, and now?

Making it clear that as far AS POSSIBLE, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. As has already been mentioned above, the Bike Fit came in Brazil slowly, and recently, as a result there are few professionals.

And as there are numerous social factors which from time to time affect the cyclist affordable, the economy of the country or even the same personal factors that influence the purchasing power of the cyclist that part of the text is here to help you.

With globalization came an increase in the technology in the world, as well as exchange of information and applications to facilitate the day-to-day people. Based on this, there are some applications of Bike Fit technology available on your mobile phone intended for people who can’t pay for the service.

Get to know the Fit Calculator.

A very common called the Fit Calculator and it’s free.

This application consists of pick up factors such as: sex, type of bike and how is an application abroad, it is all in English and asks you to choose the type of measurement (which in the case of Brazil is centimeters, and meters.).

Well, then you should have a level (of the work), a tape measure, a footrest that allows you to sit down and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and one person to help.

Still have questions about what is bike fit?

You must fill in the gaps as: size of the right leg, left leg, arms (cm)… in Addition to weight and height total. In the end, it will be presented a complete and detailed report of the sizes that each part of your bike you should have, in addition to the option to choose the type of bike.

There is only you to configure your bike exactly as indicated in the results. You will need to measure each part and to go on doing the adjustments.

What Is the Bike Fit and What Is It for 2

In some cases it will be necessary to invest in a few pieces such as, for example, the saddle is wider and spacers for the same, handle bars and larger tables or smaller spacers direction.

In more extreme cases the application will inform you that you will have to swap the frame of the Bike or even exchange the Bike for another.



The Bike Fit is a study that came to stay and win more and more space between cyclists in Brazil. And again must be put in evidence the fact consult a professional Fitter to assist you in the purchase and in the changes of your bike.

Only in the latter case the use of applications such as the Fit Calculator cited above. With the Bike Fit you may be able to overcome your limits, riding without pain, gaining more income in less time for each ride is made.



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